BenefitsDiscover the benefits of a Cover-Pools pool cover.

Saves Lives

A safety pool cover offers numerous benefits for swimming pool owners, but the benefit that trumps them all is that they prevent drowning.

As a safety device, the cover acts as a horizontal fence, completely sealing off the pool and preventing accidental access to the pool water by children, pets, and uninvited visitors.

And while there's no substitute for proper supervision, your pool can be protected even when you're not around. It's the ultimate safety barrier that no pool should be without.

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Safety Certifications

Cover-Pools pool covers are independently certified to exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F1346-91), which sets safety standards for pool covers.

Cover-Pools pool covers are UL listed (U.L. file E52841) for A.S.T.M. safety and US electrical standards.They are also listed for Canada electrical standards.

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